Principal’s Message

                                                                                                                                "Learning is not the product of teaching.

                                                                                                                                It is the product of the activity of learners"


A child is full of wonders. For him there is a lot to explore and a lot more to discover. We as their guardians need to provide them with a conducive environment which nurtures their curiosity and creativity.

A child is a divine gift of God. The greatest power that man can endow his progeny with, is education. Making tiny hands balance a pencil and carve out alphabet and numbers is as significant a task as building their lives, personalities and careers. Teaching them to make interrogation marks and not full stops should be the aim for all of us. The important pillars that shape their destiny - the parents and the teachers should contribute whole heartedly in that direction. It is time to recognize that what lies before us is not a mere child but an ocean of untapped miracles of talent, intelligence, creativity and energy.

It is rightly said by Jess Lair that “Today’s children are not merely budding icons but the infinite ocean of miracles which are adorned with wonders, talent, creativity and zeal.”

We need to identify the student’s strength at an early stage and then groom them accordingly. The role of the Principal in the modern age is to integrate traditional methodology with modern techniques.

The paradigms of education are rapidly changing with the advancement in technology and exposure to varied media. It is an altogether new era of teaching and learning. Education today has a multifaceted role. It should give wings to the students to fly on their own after their education and at the same time keep them rooted to their culture and values as they are going to become the torchbearers of the nation in the future.


Dr.Neeru Talwar